Dear frisbee-lovers, another year of Ho Ho Hat is ahead of us! The tournament takes place in the lovely Slovak city of Košice. It’s open to players of any level, and is also very friendly towards beginners. As usual, you can expect a cheerful Christmas atmosphere, best hat competition, nice games, and cakes. Once again, the tournament is a two-day event, so you can also expect a special Christmas party!

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HAT is a tournament format where players register as individuals and teams are formed afterwards. It creates perfect opportunity to make new friends and play with players you have not played with before.


December 16-17, from 9am (hall opens 8:45) on Saturday till 14:00 on Sunday. Let us know below if you need a place to stay on Friday/Saturday night - we’ll have a limited number of spots in a sleeping hall.


Sports hall Slavomíra Šípoša, Alejová street 2, Košice, Slovakia

Košice is best accessible with a car or via train/bus connection from the nearby major airports (Budapest 3.5h, Bratislava 4.5h, Vienna 6h, Prague 8.5h)


Player fee (PF) is set to 21€. The fee is reduced by 10 Eur if you are a junior or a new player (Thanks to Slovenska Asociacia Frisbee!). This includes 2-days of ultimate, Christmas Party, sleeping in a gym, and more.


We will play continuous 5v5 on hardcourt (indoor, handball court).


Indoor sports/running shoes, t-shirt in the colour of your team (you’ll find out your team later), water, Christmas spirit. Also, some extra layers as it might be fairly cold in the gym in the mornings.


Most importantly, there will be a Best Hat Competition! So prepare your hats, caps, cylinders, wigs, turbans, helmets, sombreros, bandanas, kippahs…. What matters is impracticality, unusuality and unboringness. The prestigious Best Hat Award will be awarded to the bearer of the best hat.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or on facebook.